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Nice Gear!

Posted in Honda CB750 K3, Honda Dream 305, Pleasure Ride by sbahn on 2009/09/27

Yesterday we went for a ride down to Bristol to Aidan‘s for a quick pint (the sun has been sinking into the horizon earlier and earlier). As we’re sitting at the light on Wickenden to turn right onto the leader road onto I-195, a guy pulls up next to me and yells out his window “Nice gear!”. I look over and he yells it again.

I wanted to smile and yell back “I know,” but really, how cool can you look in a hi-viz yellow Olympia AST?

At Aidan’s we sat outside on the patio, sipping a pint of cider and a Ten Penny Ale. By the time we were nearing the end of our glasses, everyone had moved inside. The waitress came out and asked if we wanted to move, to which I replied, “Wearing two pairs of pants lends an air of invincibility to cold.” She laughed, and then I asked if it was ok if we were still outside as I was enjoying the smell of the sea air. She said she liked coming outside as it cooled her off.

We left not that long afterwards, and some kind of Mercury was waiting for our parking spot. The lot was full and they sat and waited. I said to Erik that they’ll be waiting some time as it takes me a lot longer to get the Honda going, and he said, don’t rush. I really thought they would give up, but they politely waited for me to change out of my fleece (my jacket is lined), bungee down my bag, pull on my helmet (glasses off, helmet on, glasses back on), get on the bike and get it started, pull on my gloves, and back the bike, ever so gingerly, out of the spot (it was on a hill which is why I parked snout in).

The ride back to Probbydense was uneventful except for stupid Subaru guy who I pulled up next to at the light at the end of the Exit 3 Gano Street exit ramp. Dude, I don’t know what your game is, but speeding up and around two people on bikes at dusk to get in front of them only to wind up next to them at the light at the end of the ramp is lame. And if I had bearings in my pocket, they would have been all over your car. You may think you’re all liberal and loving, living on the East Side and hugging trees and crap, but you’re an asshole. Oh, but you know that, which is why you pulled that stupid stunt in the first place. I’m surprised your adopted African child wasn’t in a car seat with you so you could teach her how to piss off motorcyclists.


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