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Rice-o-Rama 2009 Best Scooter!

Posted in Fuji Rabbit Superflow 601S, Honda Dream 305, Shows / Rallies by sbahn on 2009/09/13
Erik with the 68 Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601

Erik with the '68 Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601

Woohoo! The Rabbit won!

I have been looking forward to going to this year’s Rice-o-Rama in North Brookfield, MA all summer. The day started out cloudy but the sun came out and shone brightly on all the sparkling chrome.

Hank kindly let us borrow the S10 and we drove up the 1965 Honda Dream and the 1968 Fuji Rabbit. We entered both in the show, the Dream under my name, and the Rabbit under Erik’s. The competition in the Dream’s class (150 to 380 ccs) was very stiff so I knew we had no chance. But the scooter class had only one other entry, a new Honda Ruckus with a Polini kit. The guys at registration seemed to get a kick out of me (I really was going crazy seeing all the Hondas everywhere) so when the Rabbit won, a couple of them came over to me to offer their congratulations.

Everyone was so nice and the bikes on show were beautiful. Then there were all the bikes people had ridden in on…I got to see two Honda Trans Alps and many CB 350s.

Dave, the guy who hooked us up with the guy who sold us our Dream (it had been Dave’s at one point), was there selling parts. It was great to see him again and he was doing really well, down to 7 bikes which is probably for the good.

Tommy and Barney met us up there (what? me get up early?) and Tommy kept goading

CL77 Honda Scrambler

CL77 Honda Scrambler

me to get something. Like we need another bike.

We managed to escape with only a seat for the Dream. We met a guy called Gene Kelley from Virginia Beach (originally from Paterson, NJ) who had bought out a Honda shop and had box after box of OEM parts. He told me a story about his 750 that he had in the 70’s. He was going about 100 mph and went into a curve way too fast. He came off at about 95 mph. He wore the ass out of his Levis and the bike wound up hundreds of feet up the road. He walked over to it (after confirming he was ok), picked it up, kicked it into neutral, pushed the starter and it roared to life. He continued riding it on the trip (to Kansas City and back). When he sold it, he told the guy what happened to the bike, but it was running with no issues. As he’s telling me this story, my eyes are getting bigger and  bigger until I just shook my head in disbelief. We both agreed that anything over 70 on the 750 is probably not wise.

As we getting ready to leave and loading the Dream and Rabbit back into the truck, a woman walks by who had been working one of the booths and said that I got major cred from the guys as I rode the Dream up to truck. “Why?” I asked, and she said they said, “You should have seen this chick riding a Dream at about 2 miles an hour with her boyfriend behind her pushing a moped. She didn’t put her feet down once.” Ahh, dems mad skillz I got from riding scoots for so many years. As for the moped comment, all the bike guys think our step-throughs are mopeds…they don’t mean no disrespect. One of the organizers told me that the Moped Army was supposed to come to the show, and we thought that we might see Mike, the guy we got the Lammy and one of the Trails from, but apparently they didn’t make it. Traffic was a bear in Sturbridge (it was both the last day of Brimfield and the Italian Motorcycle Owners Club meet), so maybe they turned back?

It was a great  day (sunburn and all). I met some really nice people, saw some mouth-watering bikes, and didn’t even mind using the Mr Bob on the Job toilet (they’ve come a long way in smell control).

Mark your calendars for September 2010! See all the pics.


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