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Tommy says I’m a Bad Ass and here’s proof

Posted in Honda CB750 K3, Pleasure Ride, Ride Reports by sbahn on 2009/09/04

So, naturally there’s a story with this one. The first long ride on my CB750 (my fifth ride ever on it or a motorcycle proper for that matter) was from Providence, Rhode Island to Roscoe, New York where a bunch of us stayed in cabins over the weekend. Our goal was to watch some mad motocross at Unadilla!

Tommy, Erik and I rode out on our respective bikes. I was definitely the novice in the group, but it was  my idea and we were going through with it despite the 90 degree weather.

Tommy led the way, convinced he knew where he was going and conscientiously following his directions on his tankbag (there is nothing like following someone at 70 mph who has his nose poking into his tankbag confirming our location). Both Erik and I wanted to cross the Hudson at Poughkeepsie but when we wound our way through Peekskill, I knew we were off-course.

I had always wanted to go to Bear Mountain all those years I lived in New York, but I rarely left the island of Manhattan, and to go upstate was unheard of. All of sudden I realized that we were going to transverse Bear Mountain on our bikes! Zig and zag up and zig and zag down across the Goat Trail to the Bear Mountain Bridge.

While we were coming down toward the bridge, there was a guy at the scenic overlook with a professional camera (you know the kind with the big lens, no cheapo Olympus point-and-shoot) taking pictures. He pointed it straight at me and I knew he had taken a shot.

1973 Honda CB750 on the Goat Trail, New York State

1973 Honda CB750 on the Goat Trail, New York State

We hit traffic at the circle after the bridge and I flipped up my shield screaming, “Did you see that? I’m in someone’s holiday pics!”

Fast forward three weeks. I’m sick as a dog lying on the couch just wanting my allergy headache to leave me forever and Erik says to me, “Oh, I have something for you.” Now I knew the Touratech catalog had arrived earlier so I thought that’s what he meant.

He handed me a large square object wrapped in brown paper. I looked at it and said “This isn’t the Touratech catalog.” He laughed and said, “Um, no. It isn’t.”

I ripped off the brown paper (you should see me at Christmas!) and it was a large framed picture of me taking the turn on the Goat Trail at the scenic overlook. Somehow, and I will never know how he did  it, Erik found the guy who took the picture. The guy remembered the shot (girl in a pink helmet and hi-viz jacket on  vintage Honda–how could you not remember that?!) and sent a hi-res version to Erik, who then printed in out on photo paper, matted and framed it.

It’s going to hang in my office. I hope Fr. Gabriel doesn’t mind too much.


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