Scoot Commute

Friday’s new bypass-cut

Posted in Daily Commute, Vespa P by sbahn on 2009/08/21

So I found a new mini-shortcut this morning! I was pretty much getting all the lights so that put me in a good mood; I was riding the Vespa and it can become a drag, all the shift up, shift down, shift up, shift down, stop, wait, sweat a little in the humidity, shift up.

Dean Street by the assisted living place

Dean Street by the assisted living place

I’m top of the line at Dean and Broadway. The light goes green and I cross Broadway. There’s a silver minivan several lengths ahead of me. I get it into third, and then realize this bozo is going to come to a complete dead stop at the intersection before the assisted living place (that weird 5 points area). This means that now I must come to a complete stop. I look ahead and see the light turning yellow. I think for a moment, hmmm, do I want to be behind this idiot, or do I want to cut down that little side alley I was using when the street was closed for construction. Hmmmm. I swerve right, plunge down the little alley, and make a quick left onto Atwells. The light is green and as I make the right back onto Dean Street, I peek to the left and see silver minivan waiting at the light. Lost him!

Why does it bother me so much for a car to come to a complete stop? Because there is no stop sign at that intersection. And what does this lead me to believe? Well…

  1. the driver doesn’t know the rules of the road
  2. the driver sees things that aren’t there (like iconic, octagonal red signs with four white letters in the formation of STOP)
  3. the driver is lost
  4. the driver is not from here / from out of town
  5. the driver is talking on the phone / texting
  6. the driver is engaged with passengers
  7. the driver is eating / drinking
  8. the driver is reading the newspaper
  9. the driver is not licensed, and/or not insured, and/or the automobile is not registered

I have to lean toward “the driver doesn’t know the rules of the road”. Usually by default, minivans in this particular neighborhood are driven by clueless idiots who only know, step on the big pedal to go and step on the little pedal to slow. I just wanted away from him.

The rest of the commute was pretty good. I was able to hang in second for the two lights where Route 6 dumps onto Dean, and I got the light by the Coke plant. Unfortunately I got behind an old-person slowpoke going up whatever Dean Street turns into (Randall?) so making the left onto Smith was veeeeery slow. Otherwise, few cars on campus. I  got a big hello off the guard and my newly restriped no-go spot in the big lot.


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