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Victory Day ride to Norwich, CT

Posted in BMW R75/5 (Mackie Messer), Honda CB750 K3, Pleasure Ride by sbahn on 2009/08/10

I finally got an ADV tag! Finally. The last time I tried, I was double-bruced. But today was different. Today was a Rhode Island holiday; we’re the last state to celebrate Victory over Japan Day and while our brethren have succumbed to PC-ness, we defiant Rhode Islanders don’t want to give up a 3-day weekend in August.

And naturally, I did the ride on Japanese steel.

We left about 1 o’clock, me on the CB750 and he on the BMW. It was a very hot day and my mesh jacket and pants were only making me hot. We rode out Elmwood Ave to Reservoir and onto Route 3. We took a detour onto Route 33 to avoid some of the  lights on Bald Hill Road, and then merged back onto it near the Trader Joe’s. We continued down until Route 3, and then onto Route 165 which is a beautiful road. Two-lanes either direction, light traffic. Had some bikers passing the other direction warn us of a cop ahead. Then through the Arcadia Management Area. It’s soooo pretty and I thought all the trees would help cool us down, but, boy was it hot!

Route 165 into CT

Route 165 into CT

Crossed over into Connecticut at a beach area for the management area that was closed to swimming, but still allowed boating.

Old Mill Tavern, Main Street, Norwich CT

Old Mill Tavern, Main Street, Norwich CT

It was a nice ride through Connecticut up to Route 12 (Main Street) in Norwich. We were headed to the Old Mill Tavern in Norwich to get the tag. We pulled up in front and as we’re undressing, Erik says to me, “If they don’t have food, do you want to stay for a drink?” “I’m roasting and hungry, so I don’t think that would be a good idea.” It hadn’t occurred to me that the place would be a bit of a dive. Now, I’m not the boldest person in the world, but I just walked in and asked, “Do you have food?” The bartender pointed to a sign that read Jello shots and then Erik proceeded to sit down. I’m thinking, does he really think that’s food? Anyone who knows me knows that I have to eat something, anything, every two hours or so or I start to ‘lose it’. I’m hot, my eyes hurt from the sun, and he’s going to feed me a jello shot?! I’ve never even had a jello shot before. But alas, I then saw the tiny blackboard next to the jello shot sign that read BBQ chicken special. Ahhh, that’ll do.

I got my  Sam Adams and ordered the BBQ chicken with mozzarella sticks (trying to stick to the fatty-fat foods diet) and Erik had the same, but for an Old Speckled Hen. The bartender told us it was the first Old Speckled they’d sold. Interesting tastes he has. Showing up on a BMW and drinking Old Speckled out of a glass(!). At least he wasn’t wearing the Rukka.

The guys at the bar (including a bunch of Harley riders) were super-nice. Not only did they offer good, scenic routes to get home, but they also gave us advice for routes to Upstate New York for our Friday trip, including one guy who grew up in Northwestern CT who confirmed my choice of return route because it runs along a gorgeous river. They also had a motorcycle-specific map for all of Connecticut with listings of restaurants, taverns, bars, hotels and cycle shops who are motorcycle-friendly. It’s fantastic…I need one for every state. I kept muttering, “wow, this is great. Normally we’re hated.” One of the guys laughed and said, “yeah, it’s useful to have a listing of places that welcome us.”

Welcome to Rhode Island on Route 101

Welcome to Rhode Island on Route 101

We saddled up and headed back to Little Rhody to get a new tag. It’s a place that used to be near impossible to access, but new owners now allow right-of-way through their property to this location which is owned by Brown University.

ADV Tag Mystery Location

ADV Tag Mystery Location

We got back into town about 6 o’clock, having put about 105 miles on the odometer. I sure hope it’s not this hot on Friday when we head out to Unadilla.


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  1. […] You find the original post here | sbahn […]

    • Dewin Garnsey said, on 2010/08/23 at 5:30 pm

      I assume the elevation at that tag was 812 ft. About 2 miles from my Mom’s house. or 1 mile throught the woods.


      • sbahn said, on 2010/08/23 at 6:31 pm

        The first time I went out to Jerimoth, we were riding the scooters (the Vespa and the Buddy). The Vespa blew a piston (why not?) so I left my b/f by the side of the road and I continued on to the spot. There were two guys in a Subaru with Texas plates hanging around and I asked if they would take my picture…turned out they were high-pointers and they thought they had actually been to the spot. I told them they had to go into the woods, so I made them follow me in. Probably not the smartest move, but the younger guy had told me he was in the area because he was moving to Worcester to get his doctorate. I figured he was a nerd all around :)

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