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My cat is stupid

Posted in Cats by sbahn on 2009/07/26

Completely unrelated to commuting or riding, well almost completely unrelated, but I had to post this picture of Friar Domino.

Friar Domino after hsi smackdown with the basement monster

Friar Domino after his smackdown with the basement monster

I’ve been dealing with the final phase of life for my oldest cat, Legs Akimbo, who, at 19 (almost 20) years old, is starting to have bad days. This is my sweet cat that I rescued from the NYC ASPCA over President’s Day Weekend all those years ago back in 1991. She was hiding in the cage, wedged underneath the brown paper lining the cage, with the kinda cool name of Zelda. I had already picked out the name Legs before I went to pick out a cat, and that’s what I changed her name to. I remember bringing her home on the Second Avenue bus, and stopping in at Brownies for a pint before the final walk back to my apartment on 3rd Street.

She’s still eating and drinking; I made a new litter box for her in my bedroom and the accidents have stopped. She’s just so thin and frail, and the arthritis in her wrists and ankles really bothers her. It’s just so very hard to see. I also have been feeding her wet food 3 times a day, which creates total chaos as the other 4 all want their share. Sometimes I think I may have too many cats.

When I got home on Friday, I opened the door to the back stairs to hang up my jacket and pants and to stash my boots away. The motorcycle gear center is in the back stairwell (the only truly organized place in my house). I left the door open to grab my pants, as O’Malley doesn’t really bother to try to get down there and I thought Domino was in the living room doing what he does best…lounging on the Eames chair. I was wrong.

Flash–he comes screaming through the dining room and is down the stairs before I can process black-blob-running-down-stairs. I know he won’t come when called, so I hang up my pants and close the door. Now, this is the same cat that got trapped  in the basement for three days when he was still an outdoor feral animal. Why he would want to relive his days in the dungeon with no food and water (we didn’t realize he  was down there) is nothing I could ever fathom as I’m not a cat, and if I was, I would be a bit brighter than Domino.

About a half  hour later, Erik hears him at the back door. He opens it and I hear this slight chuckle which grows into a snort and then a full-on hysterical madman type laugh. I’m in the living room thinking, hmm, what did Domino get up to. Erik carries him in and I start laughing so loudly that I scare Bandwidth who jumps off the Dromminge. I grabbed the camera and managed two shots before Dom got so slippery Erik had to put him down.

Dom v Basement Monster II

Dom v Basement Monster II

Yes, I did wipe him down when I caught him again. Stupid Dom.


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