Scoot Commute

Friday commute

Posted in Daily Commute, Vespa P by sbahn on 2009/07/24

Rode the Vespa today. Got it second kick.

The little girl who lives on Friendship was coming down the porch steps this morning, followed closely by the youngest mom in the world who was clutching a much tinier child, and she gave me a HUGE smile and big wave. I just want to give her a great big hug; she’s sooo adorable! I think her mom was a little surprised.

As I was at the stop sign at Dean and whatever that cross street is by the Safety Complex, I saw two motorcycle cops make the right up ahead of me. How could I miss them in their screaming yellow hi-viz rain gear. A car was in front of me and I thought I might be able to catch up, but a stupid big pick-up driven by a complete idiot pulled out right in front of me from the street where Action Auto Parts is. I just wanted to see what the cops were wearing on their hands. I had my Rain-offs on, and was curious if the cops have something similar. They are the best rain covers on the planet.

My spot was open on campus, but it’s on an incline and I couldn’t get the Vespa stable enough in my mind, so I pushed it over into a full car space. There’s no one on campus (c’mon it’s Friday in the summer) so I don’t feel bad hogging up a whole spot. I just hope it’s upright when I leave.

Big black clouds out my window! Can’t wait for the ride down to Trinity.


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