Scoot Commute

What are you staring out?

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/07/22

It rained yesterday (finally!) so I was able to wear my new-to-me Olympia AST jacket in SCREAMING HI-VIZ! Yeah, I know, I know, I looked HOT. Well, at least you saw me.

On the way home I took a weird little turn-turn-turn way because I lost the light at Atwells. I’m trying to figure out how that purple Spree gets to Elmwood from Dean & Atwells. I dump out onto Elmwood at Sprague, stop, look, quick right pull out as the minivan is still a ways behind me in the right lane. In the left lane is a black Honda Civic with a young guy in it (note: Elmwood is two lanes in each direction). I pull out and accelerate quickly in order to avoid becoming a minivan sandwich, and the kid in the Civic guns it. He’s travelling parallel to me. I need to get over into his lane to a make a left onto my home street, so I speed up some. He speeds up. I speed up more (this is posted 25 and people tend to go the limit as the cops are everywhere); he speeds up more. I look over at him and he’s gesturing and saying something that I can’t hear as his window is up and I have a FF on. I slow down; he slows down. Ok, now you are freaking me out. The area I’m in, while it may be where I live, is crawling with gang-bangers and drug dealers and johns, so I’m getting kind of nervous. I lay off the throttle completely (that minivan that I pulled out in front of is donkey yonks distance behind me), and the guy finally speeds up and changes into my lane, at which time I dart into his and keep it real, real slow.

I can’t decide if it was the screaming hi-viz, or the scooter, or what, but he did freak me out. I in no way cut off the minivan or the Civic guy, so I just don’t know what the problem was. Maybe he wanted to me how freakin’ awesome I looked in my fabulous armoured coat and pants.

And I have to remind myself to not always turn down my street because those kids hanging out on the porch at George’s old house make me nervous. They’re simply up to no good and I don’t want them getting into the routine of my commute, and I really don’t want them to know what bikes we have and where we keep them.

Taking the Vespa tomorrow!


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