Scoot Commute

Hey, you’re in my spot

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Campus, Daily Commute, Parking by sbahn on 2009/07/16

Damn…I shoulda taken the pic when I first got to campus!

I was cruising along Huxley and making the left onto campus when I see a mirror peeking at me from my parking spot. I slow down and turn to the security guard and give him an arm wave to indicate WTF? Then I look again and it’s not only a mirror, it’s FOUR mirrors. I flip up my shield and ask, hey, what’s going on? He laughs.

I turn right into the parking lot and there’s a dark blue Honda Silverwing in my exact spot and a giant BMW R1200 (at least that’s what it looked like to me) in the spot where the car usually parks. I park inbetween the two (there’s plenty of space). After I dismount, pop the seat, remove my gloves, undo my helmet strap, flip up the visor, take off my glasses, remove the helmet, put my gloves into my helmet, put the helmet into the pet carrier, close the seat, take out the keys and put them into my left pocket, undo the bungee on my crate, and take out my bag, I walk over to the BMW. It’s a beautiful machine. Hmm, I think to myself, Jersey plates. That must have been an irritating ride.

The Silverwing has been on campus the last three days. On Friday it was in its own spot when I was leaving in the afternoon. On Tuesday it was in the same spot when I arrived in the morning, but gone when I left. Wednesday, it was in the same spot again when I was leaving. This morning it was in MY spot before I arrived.

Last year there was a Silverwing that showed up in the summer. I never found out who rode it. I suspect my SW friend has upgraded to a newer model, but again, none of the guards knows who rides it. I’m telling you, ya gotta wear pink and the guards learn who you are.

There is not one person on campus I can think of who would be riding it. Everyone knows the little blue scooter is mine and would have said something to me. I suspect it’s a summer student, or else a wimp who only rides in nice weather.

Back to the photo: I went out about 12:45pm to take a quick pic for this here blog, but both bikes were gone. It had started to cloud up and thunderstorms were predicted for this afternoon, so perhaps they both headed to safer pastures.

Darn, ‘cos it would have been a cute shot. Big ol’ Silverwing, teeny tiny Buddy, and ginormous Beemer…Goldilocks would have had a field day.

As long as I get a spot, I don’t mind, but really…I park in the same spot—every day—all year long. Why would you park in my spot? Move over a foot and let me have my little spot under the watchful eyes of our wonderful campus security team.


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