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Riding the Bimmer

Posted in BMW R75/5 (Mackie Messer), Honda CB750 K3 by sbahn on 2009/07/10

Tomorrow is the day! I’m picking up my brand-new-to-me 1973 Honda 750! I’m so excited. We’re riding out on the BMW to Marshfield, MA and then I’m going to ride it home by myself. I’ve never ridden anything so big before, so after the UPS man came today to deliver my Olympia AST jacket (in hi-viz of course, that I bought from an inmate off ADV as a present to myself for getting a raise at work), Erik & I rode down t Roger Williams Zoo so I could practice. I have such a difficult time turning on a motorcycle. I was talking about it last night and Erik said, that’s why all the bike guys go nuts when they ride a scooter…bikes don’t flick. He said riding a motorcycle from a sccooter is like graduating to a steamboat.

I climb aboard the BMW, clunk it into 1st and away I go. I do my first, second, turn, turn too wide, turn, back and forth. Then I look ahead and think, hmmm, there are 3 more connecting parking lots. I’m going on the highway tomorrow, I should get this thing into 4th gear.

And so I do. I looked down and it read 50 (in a parking lot!). It felt great! Screw this low speed 2nd gear bullshit…gimme an open space and top gear. I get it now (yeah, I’m slow in the brain department).

Me & the Bimmer at Roger Williams Park in Providence

Me & the Bimmer at Roger Williams Park in Providence

I did this several times, practicing downshifting to third (coming into traffic), then second (light is red way in front of me), then back into third (light just turned green), then coming to a stop in neutral (red light) and a quick kick down into first. It felt really good.

I’m very, well how can I say it,  scared is really the only word, about riding the Honda home tomorrow. I’ve never ridden such a big bike in an uncontrolled environment. Erik said we can drive out in the Honda (Fit) and he would drive it back behind me so I could ride, and if I got to the point I didn’t want to ride, we could switch. I was going for this plan last night as we sat at the bar in the BBC in Walpole aand I scarfed down my Leek, Rasher & Chicken pasty.

But as I stared at the odd Brit bike in the pub (all BBC pubs have odd Brit bikes but this one I didn’t know what it was), I said, “you know, let’s have an adventure.” And so I will ride home on 750ccs of chrome Honda madness. It’s supposed to be 80 and sunny all day, perfect weather  for a ride.

Pics to come.

Oh, the Vespa hit 10k! Not bad for a bike that hadn’t been ridden since 1987.


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