Scoot Commute

To the reservoir and back

Posted in Honda Dream 305, Pleasure Ride, Vespa P by sbahn on 2009/06/07

Wasn’t going to go out for a ride today because there’s a lot to do around the house and we went for a ride yesterday (Saturday) instead of doing stuff around the house (and across the street), but it was just too damn nice…80 degrees!

Left the house around 3:30pm, me on the Vespa and Erik on the Dream, and headed down Elmwood Ave toward Park Avenue with the intention of riding out Route 12 to the Scituate Reservoir. I’ve never been out there and it looked like some nice riding along the water according to the map.

More than a gazillion bikes were out today as we cruised Route 12 through Johnston, Scituate, Pottersville, and other towns I don’t know. Lots of waves, including from some girls sitting on a metal guard rail.

We got to Crazy Corners and headed back on Route 14 (Plainfield Pike). We stopped at an ice cream stand to stretch our legs and try to get some feeling back into our extremities, and there were quite a few Harleys. Not one person looked or talked to us. I just don’t get the Harley people. Wear a frigging helmet for Christ sakes.

We stopped for gas at the Hess just after the Rhode Island Resource Recovery center (aka “the dump”), and headed back into town. I knew we were back in Providence when all hell broke out with the abilities of the automobile drivers. Left turn signal on to indicate a right turn, and partial pullouts into half a lane because they can’t wait two seconds for a clearing, and pulling out in front of us among a whole host of maneuvers performed by “no license, no registration, no insurance” drivers.

The only scooter I saw was an MP3 at a barber shop in Silver Lake on the way back in. It was parked behind the place. I don’t really consider it a scooter…it’s more a monstrosity.


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