Scoot Commute

Red Stella & Silver Zuma on the way home

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/05/27

Left school at a weird time and in a rush a to get home as I had to meet someone at 5:30pm, and I passed red Stella guy on Pleasant Valley. No helmet, no jacket, no gloves and it was coooooold yesterday evening (for May!). He gave a big wave. Who the hell are you?

Waiting at the light at Atwells and Dean, silver Zuma with a cute little wire basket on the back went zooming by (heading down Atwells in the direction of Olneyville).

This morning it’s raining so I didn’t expect to see any motorized, two-wheel vehicles (and I wasn’t disappointed). I was cautious with the metal plates where all the work is being done on Dean at the Route 6 exit. I even think the SUV guy behind me got what I was doing (they’re right at the light which is always red for me, so the first one I had to brake before and skimmed my feet along the ground, and the other made my take-off slower than usual). Otherwise, uneventful ride in. Cold. Really, it’s the end of May, why is it 47 degrees this morning?


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