Scoot Commute

3 States, 1 Afternoon

Beautiful weather this Monday of Memorial Day so we decided to take an afternoon ride to Pascoag, Rhode Island to visit Wallum Lake. Once turning on to Route 100 from 44, the road becomes this delicious, meandering one-lane backroad through the leafy trees. Quiet as can be with little to no traffic, the northwest corner of the Littlest State did not disappoint.

We turned into a state park and it turned out we were in Massachusetts! It was Douglas State Forest, and the ranger at the gate told us “I wouldn’t go in there; it’s mobbed.” He let us park in a no-parking area to study our map and decide where to go next. We decided since we had already hit two states today, why not head into Connecticut and notch 3 states in one day?

We headed back down Route 100 to Route 12 and wound our way into Governor Rell’s state. Like at the Rhode Island/Mass border, there were no signs, but the change in the pavement signalled the crossing of the border (much better than Passkontrolle). The roads in Mass are better than Rhode Island; the roads in Rhode Island are better than Connecticut.

On the way back we stopped at the Powder Mill Creamery on Putnam Pike in Greenville. We both had sundaes (I had chocolate almond with hot fudge and whipped cream and Erik had coffee with hot fudge, walnuts and whipped cream) and sat at a picnic table by the side of the lake. A bullfrog was loudly calling and we saw him in the water. When we first pulled up and parked, a guy on a very tricked out Yamaha (complete with airbrushing and 35 years riding experience) was asking me about the Buddy. Not one word about the Dream, just a whole lotta questions about gas mileage and CCs and jetting. It was surreal; the guy was a gnarled old man on an airbrushed bike with 1100ccs asking me about my lame-o twisty scoot. Gotta love this economy.

On the way back into town we hooked up with a bunch of Harleys so we tagged along at the end of their group. It was such a pleasure to take it easy and not have to worry about cars because there we so many of us.

Arrived home to lame-o neighbor party next door. While we were invited, the music is so bad, the cars so ridiculous (a blue CLK? an M convertible? this is South Providence!) and poor Jason is searching for more propane for the gas grill (I offered up my trusty Weber), that I think we’ll pass on this one. Plus Marisa’s brother told me that Gaspar wasn’t invited, and he’s the only one I liked from the party last year. He rides a Scarabeo.

Happy Memorial Day…ride safe!


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