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I found the Holy Grail…it’s Rain-Off Overgloves

Rain-Offs Palm Side

Rain-Offs Palm Side

Monty Python can stop looking as the Holy Grail has been located. Today I finally got a chance to try out my new Rain-Off Overgloves, shipped directly from New Zealand.  I had visited their website several times in the past year (usually after a miserable ride where my gloves got soaked and my hands became a clammy, raw mess), but thought they sounded too  good to be true.

Something was different a month ago. The latest testimonial on the  website was from a scooter rider in Connecticut who had used them throughout our pretty rough winter. That was the ringing endorsement that spurred  my email to the company asking about lead times on their custom hi-viz version. I received an email back in less than 24 hours (always impressive when dealing with folks in a country with a time zone that is tomorrow!) stating it usually takes less than an additional week and that they could do both hi-viz yellow or hi-viz orange.

I slept on the decision and decided to stick with the traditional black, thumb, one-finger, three-finger style. The measurement information on the site was spot on; I placed my order for a size small on a Sunday (Monday in New Zealand). I received a confirmation email the same day stating that the gloves would be shipped out that day.

Naturally the week that followed contained a multitude of rainy days and I suffered through with my winter Gore-Tex (hot hands!). I eagerly arrived home at the end of the week hoping for a  miracle from the postal service. Alas, no such luck.

On the following Monday there was a slip stating a package was waiting for me at the post office, so first thing the next morning I picked them up. Why the postman couldn’t just leave the package behind the couch on the porch like usual is beyond me…nothing like a trip to the Elmwood post office. It’s like a trip to the UN.

Rain-Offs finger detail (this is the 1-, 1-, 3-finger style)

Since the arrival of the overgloves we have not had a rainy commuting day. Seriously, what is up with that? Not that I like to ride in the rain, but it’s like having your first day of school outfit ready to go and the school year gets cancelled.

Well, today was the day. I walked over to the garage and backed Franz out into the driveway. I pulled my mid-weight riding gauntlets on (I wear them the most except in really cold weather and really hot weather), and then slipped the left overglove on. It went on easily and the one-, one-, three-fingered style was easy to navigate. Like other reviews, I found adjusting the toggle at the end of the glove to be somewhat of a comedy of errors. It takes practice and I know that it will become easier over time to cinch the overgloves tightly against my jacket.

I started up the scoot, headed down the driveway, snapped my visor down, and turned right toward Broad Street. The gloves gripped well; they were not slippery or awkward even though you think they may be because of the feel of  the fabric.

Out onto the street I felt comfortable and confident with the gloves. The real test was to come. The website states that the fabric will whisk the rain away from your visor better than any squeegee; a simple wipe of the visor with your hand and it’s as if it isn’t raining.

I pulled up to the light at Crossroads and did my first swipe. Amazing!

I arrived on campus after my tedious 3-mile stoplight and 4-way stop sign infested commute and pulled into my traditional rockstar spot. I turned the scoot  off, popped open the seat, and pulled the first overglove off. My riding gloves were as dry as southern California in July. These things are unfrickenbelievable…I will never ride in rain with anything else on my hands.

To order your own pair, visit Rain-Off.

Rain-Offs toggle detail

Rain-Offs toggle detail

I’m thinking that I may change out the toggle at the open end with ones similar to those on my Gore-Tex winter gauntlets. The toggle on the overgloves requires me to push in a button and then push the toggle down toward to glove. The toggle on my Gore-Tex gloves have a button that I push in and then I pull the elastic loop taut. It’s a cinch with the gloves on.

Rain-Offs Top Side with Logo

Rain-Offs Top Side with Logo

Rain-Offs wrist detail

Rain-Offs wrist detail

Rain-Offs carrying pouch

Rain-Offs carrying pouch


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  1. […] After I got home and draped my Rain-Off overgloves over the back of a chair in the kitchen to dry, I thought, “Hmm, you should update the blog as you’ve now had these gloves for 3 years.” […]

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