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Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/04/21

Coming home yesterday I saw a guy on a bike make a right a bit in front of me. He was wearing a half-helmet and a denim/Carhartt type jacket over a hoodie. I thought, hmmm, a guy on a chopper bike riding in this weather? And by “this weather”, I mean, it was going to start raining within the next 3 seconds. It was grey and clouds were hurtling across the sky.

The light turns green and I stop thinking about him as I’m on the stretch of Pleasant Valley that requires moving all over the lane due to poorly-filled-in patches made by one of the utilities last fall. The next light is green and I speed up into my typical position of the left lane (the road becomes two lanes in each direction), and I zoom past him. There’s no one behind me and I notice the bike guy get out of his lane and start zooming up behind me (because I obsessively stare into my mirrors to make sure no one runs me over) and I’m thinking, great, just what I need is a guy on a big ol’ cruiser doing the rev thing.

But to my surprise!, he starts asking me about the scooter. He wanted to know where the gas tank was and how much it held (2 1/2 gallons was his guess). I told him I was surprised to see a bike out given the weather, and he laughed and said he wasn’t going far. He wished me a quick journey home so I could avoid the raindrops and as the light turned green I felt like he was already on Atwells as I was leaving all the cars behind me…man that thing took off at rocket speed. And the tires, delicious. Oh, by the way, it was a Victory.

He turned down Spruce Street toward Bob & Timmy’s and I got stuck at yet another light.

By the time I got to Broad Street there were teeny tiny drops coming (mind you, I had all my raingear but hadn’t donned any of it as it wasn’t rainy when I left campus) and I’m thinking, almost home, almost home. Then some stupid idiot stops short to let another stupid idiot out of the McDonald’s parking lot (out the in by the way) even though there are cars coming the other way (the McDonald’s idiot is trying to make a left into traffic) and there’s no one behind me. Blast Blast with the Stebel and she didn’t go, just sitting there waiting for McDonald’s guy to cut across even though he can’t because there’s traffic coming in the other direction. Raindrop, raindrop, raindrop on my visor. Finally someone stops in the other lane to let McDonald’s guy go (and there’s still no one behind me!).

I miss the light at the Shell where Seth had the smackdown, and I’m getting all hyped up (stop rain!), and as soon as it turns green, zoooooom, bye bye stupid white car. In the end I manage to get home before real rain starts so I’m dry and happy. Time to go weeding and fruit collectin’ in Animal Crossing!

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  1. Rolando Peñate said, on 2009/04/21 at 7:25 pm

    Why is it always an idiot coming out of a McDonald’s?

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