Scoot Commute

I don’t need no steenkin’ GPS

I get lost. A lot. I have no sense of direction. I know this about myself which is why I lived in New York. You don’t need a sense of direction. The odd streets run east to west. The even streets run west to east. Forget where you are? No problem. You look up. Do you see the Met Life building (umm, that’s PanAm to you and me)? Then, that’s north. Do you see the ConEd building? That’s south. (I lived in a small little world.) Gimme a grid and I’m usually not lost (although I’ve been known to be off by a block or two).

My homemade GPS with directions from PC to TJ's
My homemade GPS with directions from PC to TJ’s

Erik suggested meeting at Trader Joe’s on Tuesday evening as it’s close to his library and it’d be nice ride for me. Plus, we needed food. (Yes, Rhode Island finally has a TJ’s…it’s at 1000 Bald Hill Road if you didn’t know). I’ve ridden to Trader Joe’s  from campus before. But no matter, I still had to look up the directions and type them out in my kickass version of a GPS.

It was an uneventful ride even for scooting in Silver Lake. Not my favorite part of town (and that’s what people say about my neighborhood!), not too many potholes, that weird section when Broadway and Westminster merge into Hartford, Plainfield and Manton was relatively stupid-driver-free, and no dogs chased me like last time.

I pulled up the hill into the TJ’s parking lot and was looping around wondering where to park when what do I see headed towards me but a blue Vespa. Hmmm, I know that Symax-clad librarian! Good timing for two people without cellphones.

Warwick Trader Joe's at 6:45pm in April 2009

Warwick Trader Joe's at 6:45pm in April 2009

We picked our spot next to the trolley return. I like the trolley return because it provides something to lock the scoot to if I’m feeling so inclined and people tend to not want to park next to it so I worry less about a car plowing into the spot without looking. Smaht, eh?

Uneventful shopping trip. Didn’t see any faculty; actually, there weren’t a lot of shoppers at all. There was one woman who was much too overdressed for a grocery store (I realize she may have come directly from her work, but unless she works as a 50’s pin-up model, she was overdressed for work). I’m standing there peeking over at her stealable white-tipped high heels that looked like something Peter Fox would design and then I look down at myself in big ol’ leather boots and squished into a leather jacket with a fleece jacket and neck gaiter and I’m thinking, pathetic. And as if he read my mind, Erik said, yeah, the cool thing is, you can pull that off, too, but what did she arrive in? He’s good.

The ride home was Erik’s usual ride home so that was interesting for me. I’ve decided I really hate my commute. It’s nothing but 4-way stops and red lights. His commute may be nerve-wracking because of the amount of bad drivers in south Providence and Cranston, but at least he can keep a steady 30 – 35 mph. We were behind one chick who kept randomly putting on her brakes and then speeding up. We passed her and she’s texting away. It makes me want to toss blood on the windshield because you know it’s going to wind up there eventually.

As we came into Elmwood on Reservoir, there was a tricked out Cadillac Escalade in the left lane coming up fast behind us (we were in the right). We moved over into the left lane as Erik knows it merges into one lane ahead because of a major hole in the right lane on the bridge. We hit the light at Narragansett and the Escalade just has to get out from behind us and go into the right lane. Since when does a huge orange sign imprinted with “Right Lane Closed” apply to a drug dealer in an Escalade in South Providence, eh? Light turns green, off we go and he’s still sticking to the right lane. I’m thinking, ok, Erik is fine as he’s a bit ahead of me, so I’m going to move over into the left of my left lane because this guy is either going to hit me or hit the sign with the big arrow indicating to get over which will, in turn, hit me.

I’m also speeding up a bit and Escalade guy manages to squeeze over behind me. I’m sure he wanted to get ahead of me. And of course, off he turns down Adelaide. I’m glad we didn’t buy that house on Atlantic.

Lesson learned: cuffed pants must be shoved into my boots or they will continue to snag on ends of the cowl protectors. This is the second pair of cuffed pants that have gotten caught (but luckily not torn). It’s annoying and throws off my balance on take-off.

Yummy carnitas for supper! I’m so happy TJ’s is in Rhode Island.


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