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Gary Ley is a liar

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/04/02

Wednesday, April 1st
I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me. It will rain on a grey day if I don’t have my rain gear with me. But I swear Gary Ley said at one point in the last few days that it wasn’t going to rain until Thursday. So I didn’t bother with my lovely new Ballistics or my rain-resistant overjacket.

As I approach the scoot on campus I see a very light mist on the seat. Ah well, it’s been mostly overcast all day and the high humidity is causing dew. I’m very good at convincing myself of all sorts of things. Plus, I had to go to JavaSpeed and pick up a clutch cable for the P and an oil filter for the Bud. At least I have my Scooter Skirt to keep the moisture off my legs (yes, lame name but it’s really one of the best thing I bought for the scoot).

I head off left from campus and over to North Main. It’s still not technically raining, but moisture is getting all over my visor. I pull up into the back lot and there’s a guy on another scooter just leaving. I don’t understand the unfriendly people (I’m pretty much nice to everyone until I determine they’re a jerk), but whatever. I was going to leave the skirt over my seat to keep any errant drops off so my butt didn’t get soaked on the way home, but there were some sketchy-looking people hanging out in the lot/at the house next door so I thought better of it. I mean really, who is going to take such a thing since it has no use other than for wearing on a footbed-based vehicle or as a pet bed.

I push the door to get in (Patrick, the back door is difficult to open; I felt like an outside center throwing myself into a tackle) and of course the coffee bar section is filled with a bunch of guys all sitting around doing whatever they do every time I visit (there was one woman who was with one of the guys, and she was very warm and talkative). The guys, they’re an interesting bunch to watch. I’m always so curious what the deal is, but I’ve given up any type of conversation. After all, I’m on a twisty; I’m the one riding in all sorts of crappy weather and they’re all in their shiny boxes. I did get a head to turn when Tom II mentioned the Framebreather and I retorted with an “over my dead body” will that bike ever be sold.

Anyway, got my clutch cable and oil filter from Tom II. Actually had enough cash so Patrick didn’t have to pay a fee to the credit card company. Tom was saying how his weirdy East German scoot (a Simson) is back home and was running for about 5 seconds. I also didn’t realize just how many Lammys he has. Get ’em on the road! We also talked about how awesome Gene at Scooters Originali is.

I walk outside and it had started to rain for real. My seat was soaked and I had no rag to wipe it off. Man, I love sitting on a wet seat in corduroy pants. At least the skirt protected my legs on the ride home. I made a quick stop at the Hess at Daboll Square and of course they weren’t taking credit cards (I’m not leaving the bike to walk over to the guy to give him $1.97 to fill up in that neighborhood). I detoured onto Broad Street to stop at the 7-11 gas station. Fill-up was $2.03.

Rolled up to the house and parked the bike. Erik came out to check on the clutch cable (yes, it’s the right one).


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