Scoot Commute

Clutching the lever

Posted in Daily Commute, Vespa P by cheesebot on 2009/04/01

Today was one of those days you get used to having when you own old vehicles.  Granted, the P is the newest vehicle I own but it’s still a thirty year old two-stroke scooter with close to 10k miles on it.  Yesterday I noticed that the idle seemed a little low going into first gear but I attributed it to the change in the seasons with the expectation to look at it over the weekend.

On the way to work this morning I decided to stop and fill up with gas since it had been about 90 miles since my last fill up.  I stopped at the “cheap” Hess on Reservoir and when i started up again the bike jumped when I put it into first.  I immediately knew something was off and pulled around the corner into a small side lot to take a look at the clutch cable.  As soon as I got a look I knew that I wasn’t getting to work this way.  The cable was frayed and held on by one or two strands so it had stretched and was causing the maladjustment.

I figured I could make it back home and take a car to work but it was difficult since I couldn’t really stop the bike easily and I basically had to coast a lot and carefully time my speed to the lights.  I limped it home, called in to work at 9:01am (according to the radio in the kitchen) and let them know what happened and that I’d be late.

So the sad ending is that I drove a car to work but Siobhan was able to get me a cable inner at Javaspeed on the way home and I should be going again in no time.


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