Scoot Commute

My week last week

Posted in Daily Commute, Vespa P by cheesebot on 2009/03/29

Last week was a relatively uneventful as a scootering commuter except for the fact that I think it was my first full week of the year that I didn’t need a car for any day.  The only notable incidents were a woman in a Volvo Cross-Country that attempted to violate physics and occupy the same lane that I was in (responded with a toot and an arms-up-wtf) and a local idiot in my neighborhood who stopped when he didn’t have a stop sign to let me go while I waited for him to continue on his unlicensed, uninsured way.

The P is running well (’79 P200E) but I need to get new tires really soon as it’s starting to be rainy season.  I did take the windshield off due to some wind shear I was experiencing and it has helped a bit.  We’ll see how this next week goes…


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