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Lammy & P on a sunny spring Friday afternoon

Posted in Lambretta Series I (Quilty), Pleasure Ride, Vespa P by sbahn on 2009/03/29

Friday was beautiful! Warm & sunny. I had emailed Erik earlier in the day asking if he wanted to get the Lammy ready so I could ride the P when I got home (nothing like couple bonding on a bunch of old Italian metal). I arrived home (on Franz Biberkopf, my Buddy scooter) to find the Lammy parked up in front of the house, rarin’ to go for a ride. Yea, I get to take the P.

We headed down Broad Street to Roger Williams Park, where we headed into the parking lot at the Zoo so I could work on shifting (lots of space for big sweeping loops). Erik thought we were going to be longer than I intended and made the mistake of turning off the Lammy. Mistake! It took about 15 minutes to get it going again (push, run, hop, turn…nawwwww, repeat). He got a thumbs up from the skateboarder kid. Some woman on a bicycle kept riding around the same parking lot, and I don’t really know why, as she was riding well. Not like she was practicing.

I like the Zoo lot because it’s right next to I-95. I like to listen to the traffic whizzing by. Finally, finally, the Lammy started and we headed off (I was staaaahving!) to go downtown to Trinity. Julie was supposedly back (after giving birth to little Jack); what we didn’t know was that there was a P-Bruins game at the Dunk. I don’t like Trinity when it’s a madhouse, but I was really hungry.

Back up Broad Street (I’m getting neutral down), across I-95, and rockstar pahking in front of Trinity. Amazingly got a two seats at the bar (P-Bruins fans like to stand in the middle of the bar path) and some fine Femme Foncée on draught. Bartender is a Volvo driver. Dropped a glove and had a kind P-Bruins fan pick it up for me and remark they must have been costly (ahh, that’s why I love eBay). Weirdo sitting next to me kept getting too close and as soon as Erik dared to leave to go to the men’s room, started up a non-sensical conversation. Why, why, why do the freaks always try to talk to me? This is Providence, not New York! I thought I left all that behind.

I asked Erik to kick-start the P (I don’t like getting all sweaty over an iginition), and off we roared across Empire Street. At the weird light at Westminster, the P stalled as the light turned green. I pushed off to the side, got it up on the stand, and one-kick later, I’m off. The “level head” is probably the best thing I’ve cultivated for riding. Only one more stall on the ride home; I’m hearing the engine better and am getting better at predicting the stall.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but it was all yard work, all the time. Sunday was a rainy, crappy day. My ride prep for Monday was to zip the rain liner into my Ballistics so I’m ready for Monday’s commute. I hope that stupid metal plate is gone on Dean Street.


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