Scoot Commute

Picking up the Met at JavaSpeed

Posted in Buddy St. Tropez (Franz Biberkopf), Daily Commute by sbahn on 2009/03/29

All in all, a good week last week. On Wednesday morning I received a big “Hi Mom” wave off a guy on sweet motorcycle as I rounded the curve on Cahir Street by Classical High School. It wasn’t nearly as cold as Monday (I’d say about 38 degrees F).

Wednesday afternoon I picked up Beth to go to JavaSpeed to pick up her Met (that she brought in for spring refreshening). Beth is really the ideal passenger. She leans properly, holds on tight, tells you jokes, and doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t. Before heading up North Main, we stopped in Chestnuts where she had an appointment. I’m sitting in reception as I wait for her to be finished, reading the Economist (really, I’m going to read a glamour magazine?!), and Deborah Johnson and who I assume is her husband, knock on the large plate window to say ‘hello’.  I assume they saw Franz parked out front?

Headed up North Main and picked up the Met. Beth said the brakes are like new and it’s a lot peppier. I have no idea what work was done, but I’m sure the carb needed a bit of clean. I do love that scoot. Got to say hello to Tom II and Patrick. Beth liked one of the older Vespas…maybe I can get the Met back one day.

Went to Tokyo for dinner. It was awful. I’ve given up on that place. Saw an orange Buddy on the way headed down on North Main, and while in Tokyo, a red Buddy complete with white milkcrate, came up to the 4-way stop at Hope & Wickenden. I’ve seen him before, but no look over at our two scoots. East Side, why do I even bother?

The continuing work on Dean Street has required a detour by the Revolving Fund’s new headquarters each morning.  The metal plates have moved each afternoon, and on Thursday afternoon, when it was raining, the plate was in my lane right at the 4-way stop. I really hate those plates. I’m hoping this Monday morning the construction is completed as it’s supposed to rain in the morning.

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